Best Rash Guards For BJJ And MMA 🤼🏆🥊 2021

Best Rash Guards For BJJ And MMA

One of the most important pieces of gear for any MMA or BJJ practitioner is a good rash guard. Rash guards are made from materials specifically designed to wick sweat and moisture away from the body, keeping you cool and dry so you can train longer without overheating. We’ve put together this list of our favorite rash guards to help you find one that suits your needs best!

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Best Protein Shakes For Men and Women 2021 (Must-Read Guide) 🍼👫💪

Best Protein Shakes For Men And Women

Protein shakes have been around for decades. After all, it’s a great way to help the body recover after a workout or if you simply want to build lean muscle mass. However, the options available can be overwhelming at times. You might be wondering what exactly makes one protein shake better than another?

At, we take reviewing products and supplements seriously. This is why our testing is always done in-house with our very own guinea pigs, our writers. To find the best protein shakes for men and women, Bavinder, Laura, Malik, and I spent 6 weeks undergoing rigorous testing to truly understand the best protein shakes for men, the best protein shakes for women and everybody else!

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Best BJJ Gi For Beginners 🏆🥋 2021 Ultimate Guide

Best BJJ Gi For Beginners

You’re starting out in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for the first time and need to know what Gi to wear? What color should you choose, what size, what brand, and what’s the best value? We have you covered. While it can be daunting to decide all of this, we’re here to help. We’ve tried and tested all the top Gi’s on the market to tell you which is the best BJJ Gi for beginners.

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Best Shin Guards for Muay Thai and MMA 2021 🛡️🦵(Know The Difference)

Two women fighting with shin guards in a ring

If you’re in the market for shin guards for Muay Thai or MMA then you’re probably already training and sparring in combat sports. Shin protection is the difference between your training regularly with fewer injuries, all while increasing your skill and technique in the sport. Shin guards or shin pads not only protect you but your training partner too – which means more frequent training and happy training partners. We dive deep into the benefits, the drawbacks, what to look for, and our recommendations when hunting down the best shin guards for Muay Thai and MMA.

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Best Sauna Suit For MMA 2021 🧖 (How To Safely Cut Weight)

Man drinking water with the best sauna suit for MMA

The primary reason MMA fighters and athletes use sauna suits is for weight loss before a professional bout. MMA fighters weigh in at their contractually obliged weight class roughly 24 hours before their fight and swiftly rehydrate to their natural body weight after they get off the scales. This has always been the tradition, and while there’s a huge focus behind the dangers and risks around weight cutting in MMA, there are safer ways to do it. We look at the best sauna suit for MMA and some great alternatives to consider.

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Best Grappling Dummy For MMA 2021🤼🥋 (How to Stuff Guide + Workout)

Demetrious Johnson striking grappling dummy

In the past, grappling dummies have been frowned upon for their inability to replicate what a real-life person can do. While this may be true, a grappling dummy shouldn’t be used to directly replicate your training partners’ real-world actions, behaviors, and movements. One of the biggest benefits of using a grappling dummy for MMA is to drill techniques repeatedly without relying on anyone else.

Bruce Lee said, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”- with a grappling dummy, it is possible to accumulate a significant amount of reps to compliment your overall game.

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Best MMA Gloves For Sparring 2021 🥊(Buyers Guide and Reviews)

Wearing MMA gloves for MMA sparring

Finding the best MMA gloves means you need the right fit, the right material, and the right brand. Having the right type of glove that perfectly fits your hands is paramount to ensuring you feel prepared and focused for competition, training, or sparring.

The difference between an MMA glove from a Boxing glove is that an MMA glove has individual open finger and thumb placements that allow for grappling, clinching, and submissions. Boxing gloves are more like mittens in that all four fingers are secured into one section, with the thumb in a separate section to allow for a tight fist.

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7 Best Headgear For MMA Sparring 🥊⛑️(2021 Edition!)

best headgear for mma sparring

Having been in combat sports for over 7 years and taking many strikes to the head, I took it upon myself to really understand the benefits and drawbacks of wearing the best headgear for MMA sparring, even if it was 7 years too late! Ultimately, if you are entering into some form of combat that inflicts damage to your head, and therefore the brain, you should be considering factors to mitigate head trauma as much as possible. Wearing headgear for MMA comes down to your skill level, experience, fighting style, and ultimate goal in the sport. In this post, we break down the best headgear on the market today and how to decide whether it’s for you.

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6 Best Protein Powders for Muay Thai 🥊 (How To Pick The Best)

Two men fighting in muay thai style

For many Muay Thai fighters, protein powder helps tremendously for building, maintaining, and recovering muscle. Even if you eat right, protein powders are able to provide that extra boost that really gives an advantage for intense workouts, but where do you even begin when choosing one with so many on the market?

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6 Best Protein Powders for Wrestlers 🤼🍼 (Buyers Guide On How To Choose)

Wrestlers throwing each other after the best protein for wrestlers

For many wrestlers, protein powders provide the extra boost they need to gain and maintain muscle mass and recover after workouts. A high-protein diet is a good start, but being able to drink a protein beverage is a lot more convenient than cooking up a meal. But what are the best protein powders for wrestlers you can buy today?

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