About Us

At Fitness to Diet, our goal is to help our readers to find accurate and informative information in Combat Sports and Fitness. Our reviews highlight the best fight gear, fitness accessories, and supplements in a world of information overload.

We are obsessed with creating content that is scientific, well-researched, and accurate. We understand that time is important in an ever-evolving digital world, so our content aims to provide the answers in a concise and helpful manner. A huge part of what we do is testing the latest fight gear or protein supplement to ensure we can give candid reviews of the latest in the market. It makes the world of difference to have a trusted third-party separate the truth from the marketing hype.

What Makes Us Unique

Our Values

  • We believe in really honest reviews. This means if it’s rubbish, we’ll tell you.
  • Sustainability is important to us. If we notice some brands aren’t riding the eco-friendly wave, we’ll call it out.
  • We’re believers in our sports. We love everything from Mixed Martial Arts, to BJJ, to Powerlifting and Bodybuilding.
  • We strive to keep our content relevant. This means regularly updating what we believe is true.
  • Quality over quantity. Our goal is to provide readers with the best content, not the most content.

How We Do It

Our reviews involve hours of testing of each product to give us a true flavor for what’s good, what’s bad, and most importantly what hasn’t mean mentioned online yet. There’s nothing worse than looking at a 4.5-star review with thousands of reviews, to find that actually, there are huge flaws in this product. We trial and test it all.

As practitioners of our trade, we have the knowledge of what’s good and bad. We’ve lived in the world of bodybuilding and powerlifting, so we know what belts are best. We’ve shaken and drunk an unimaginable number of protein shakes, so we know which is best. We’ve punched, kicked, and grappled for years, so we know which gloves and shin guards will work and which are glossy hype.


At Fitness to Diet we love feedback. If you have any questions or queries then get in touch.

If you have any fitness or nutrition-related questions that you want us to answer, we’d be happy to look into it and write an article to help clear things up.

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