Best BJJ Gi For Beginners 🏆🥋 2021 Ultimate Guide

You’re starting out in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for the first time and need to know what Gi to wear? What color should you choose, what size, what brand, and what’s the best value? We have you covered. While it can be daunting to decide all of this, we’re here to help. We’ve tried and tested all the top Gi’s on the market to tell you which is the best BJJ Gi for beginners.

What you’re looking for in your first Gi is quite simple. Comfort, durability, and a good fit are the 3 essentials to choosing your Gi. It should last you for your first year at least, depending on how frequently you train.

This guide is tailored towards beginners, and most of our top picks cost under $100 and come with a free white belt – it’s a great starter pack. While you figure out whether you are invested in this sport, you don’t want to splash out too initially.

However, what is very important to note is that not all Gis are equal; they’re not all made the same, designed the same, perform, or last as long. So if you live by the mantra, “buy cheap, buy twice,” then we’ve covered some excellent options that are great value for money and will last over time.

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Tatami Nova Absolute – Best Overall Beginners Gi

Tatami Fightwear Nova Absolute BJJ Gi - A2XL - White
  • Lightweight gi
  • 350 GSM pearl weave jacket
  • 10 oz. cotton tapered pants

Reasons To Buy ✅

  • Pearl Weave
  • Competitive price point
  • Free belt
  • Designed for beginners
  • IBJJF Gi Approved

Reasons To Avoid ❌

  • Limited designs

The Tatami Nova Absolute is ideal for anyone looking to grab a Gi as quickly as possible to hit the mats and train. Boasting a lightweight pearl weave jacket and pants that provide durability and ease of mobility during training. A 350GSM (Grams per Square Meter) jacket means it is one of the lightest you can find on the market – ideal for warmer months or if you feel more comfortable in lighter clothing.

Tatami smartly designed this Gi with competitions in mind. An IBJJF approved Gi, which can be bought in white, blue, and black, stay within the official BJJ competition rules’ guidelines.

Whilst some reviews talk to a small amount of shrinking, there are ways to unshrink your BJJ Gi – however, in this case, it’s worth considering buying a size larger to avoid a small Gi.

Sanabul Essentials V2 – Best Design

Sanabul Essential BJJ Gi for Men | Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi BJJ | Lightweight, Preshrunk Cotton Fabric | IBJJF Approved (White, A1)
  • Premium Training Gear: Elevate your martial arts experience with our top-tier BJJ gi designed for men. Crafted for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, and Jujitsu, it offers versatility, durability, and unmatched performance for discerning athletes.
  • Athlete-Endorsed Excellence: Trusted by elite professionals like Michael Bisping, Max Holloway, Gilbert Burns, Sean O’Malley, and more, our BJJ jiu jitsu gi collection is engineered for excellence, providing unparalleled comfort and performance during rigorous training and competition.
  • Complete BJJ Outfit: From gi pants to kimonos, and accessories, our extensive range ensures you have all the gear needed for a high-performance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu outfit. Tailored for men, women, youth, and kids, we've got you covered in every aspect.

Reasons To Buy ✅

  • Affordable
  • Free Belt
  • Designed for beginners
  • IBJJF Gi Approved
  • Single Weave (Lightweight)
  • Drawstring pants
  • Great design

Reasons To Avoid ❌

  • Limited Colors

For those looking for a starter Gi, this should be in your top 3 list. Sanabul has re-designed their original ‘Essentials’ Gi by pre-shrinking the Gi to ensure that the fit remains the same throughout the product’s lifetime – be sure to wash it in cold water, though.

Sanabul can reduce this outfit’s cost by using single weave stitching, a simple yet effective method. It also means less effort in manufacturing and production of the Gi, which is where the end-user will benefit in price. This has not impacted the Essentials V2 Gi’s longevity – which touts over 4,000 reviews nearing almost 5 stars.

The weight is another great benefit. Although it will vary slightly by the size you choose, this Gi is super lightweight. This is an advantage both on the mat to roll with and break in the Gi and when washing and drying your Gi. These pants come with an easy draw-string tie, but you should remove them to avoid fraying and damage when washing.

Sanabul has released standard competition colors to suit the beginner line of Gis. So when you’re building confidence on that mat and want to challenge yourself to a white belt competition, your white, blue, or black Gi will be allowed.

Elite Sports Gi – Best Value For Money

Elite Sports Bjj Gi for Men - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi - Preshrunk sweat wicking Fabric - Machine washable - Free white Belt
  • ✅ ADVANCE SIZING: Our sizing is superior to any other brand out there, we do not believe in 1 size fits all when it comes to Bjj gis. PLEASE SEE OUR ADVANCE SIZING CHART.
  • ✅ NO SHRINKING- MACHINE WASH IS OK- Lets be realistic most Gi brands want you to hand wash and then hang to dry in order to avoid shrinkage – Elite Sports Jiu-Jitsu GI is made from pre-shrunk fabric you’ll never have to worry about your lightweight BJJ GIs shrinking. Just wash this lightweight BJJ GI for men in cold water and use dryer. The pre-shrunk fabric of our BJJ kimono is strong and durable and will not disappoint you our cause unexpected shrinkage.
  • ✅ IBJJF APPROVED – This IBJJF GI is approved from International BJJ Federation, so you can wear our BJJ Jiu-Jitsu GI in competitions and tournaments held by IBJJF. Various sizes and colors are available for both men and women from ages 18 to 55 years. This Jiu Jitsu GI has a stylish and elegant design.

Reasons To Buy ✅

  • No shrinking
  • Free belt with stripe bar
  • Designed for beginners
  • IBJJF Gi Approved
  • Multitude of colors
  • Drawstring pants

Reasons To Avoid ❌

  • None!

Elite Sports, founded to bridge the gap of poor quality and unaffordable combat sports gear, are quickly creating a big name for themselves in the world of MMA, BJJ, and Muay Thai. They’ve constantly featured on our top lists when it comes to MMA gloves, headgear, and even gym bags for training.

The Elite Sports Gi is pearl woven, meaning it boasts a lightweight build with a tight weave. A Pearl weave jacket can sometimes mean a rougher and more abrasive Gi, but we’ve not found this to be the case from our trials. Another huge benefit to the lightweight element is that it can disperse sweat much quicker than a thicker Gi.

Thicker and heavier Gi’s will absorb sweat and hold it for longer, meaning the likelihood of bad smells is higher. If you speak to any long-time BJJ practitioner, they’ll tell you how revolting a bad-smelling Gi can be, so choose wisely!

One great benefit to this Gi is the style – it’s super simple yet sleek and aesthetic. As a beginner, walking into a new gym with a fancy dragon-covered Gi can make you stand out in a less than desirable way. There’s an unwritten code of BJJ that you have to earn your Gi, and white-belts should be humble and modest with their look. The Elite Sports Gi does just that, with plain colors that are IBJJF approved, a simple logo that brings out the outfit’s character, and perfect for any price range.

Hayabusa Goorudo 3 – Best Gold Weave BJJ Gi

Hayabusa Goorudo 3 Gold Weave Jiu Jitsu Gi - White, A0
  • MATERIAL: Jacket: 550-GSM gold weave cotton. Pants: 12oz twill cotton with stretch drawstring. IBJJF approved BJJ kimono for training or competition.
  • DURABILITY/QUALITY: This gi was made to be sturdy, tough, and durable to withstand hard training, strong grips, and all the challenges Jiu Jitsu throws at you.
  • FIT: Gi weight per size: A0 - 3.9 lbs, A1 - 4.2 lbs, A2 - 4.5 lbs, A3 - 4.6 lbs, A4 - 4.7 lbs, A5 - 5.8 lbs See product description below for SIZE CHART,

Reasons To Buy ✅

  • Gold Weave
  • Elite design
  • Soft fabric and comfortable
  • IBJJF Gi Approved

Reasons To Avoid ❌

  • Higher price point

Hayabusa, known for being one of the top brands in combat sports training, has a beginner Gi’s designed for those who are happy to spend a little more cash knowing they’re getting top quality.

Manufactured using a high-quality gold weave technique. This gold weave stitching produces a stronger Gi than a single weave but lighter than double weave – a perfect hybrid. The textile weight is 550 GSM, which is definitely on the heavier side of a lightweight Gi. Still, these are the qualities to look for, increased durability and quality that aren’t sacrificed than a lesser weave or cheaper Gi.

A huge selling point of this Gi is the embroidery and design. The perfect combination of refined and stylish without standing out like a dragon-covered print that the legit rollers can only wear—quality patchwork and a distinct appearance that will have compliments from your fellow training partners. Hayabusa has also cleverly ensured that they have all the IBJJF approved colors ready for you to choose from.

Fuji BJJ Uniform Gi – Best Traditional Design

FUJI All-Around Brazilian Style Jiu Jitsu Uniform, White (Black Lettering), Size A3
  • Your All-Around BJJ (Brazilian Style Jiu Jitsu) Gi: The FUJI All-Around Gi (Kimono) is recognized by many industry publications and professionals as one of the most trusted in the world.
  • Designed For The Best Jiu-Jitsu: The FUJI All-Around Kimono top jacket is mid-weight with a stiff, thick collar and multi-layered reinforcements across all stress points. Enjoy comfortable, twill pants with a traditional drawstring made of our premium cotton blend
  • For Comfort and Competition: Developed by 4-time Olympian, 2-time Olympic Medalist Jimmy Pedro, the FUJI All-Around Gi was designed for durability, comfort, and that competitive Jiu-Jitsu spirit.

Reasons To Buy ✅

  • Fuji Brand
  • Single weave
  • IBJJF Gi Approved
  • 100% cotton material

Reasons To Avoid ❌

  • Not pre-shrunk
  • No belt included

Fuji has been creating martial arts gear since 1969 and knows a thing or two about BJJ Gis. When it comes to all BJJ training apparel types, one of the market leaders shines predominately in beginner gear. Knowing exactly what new-starters to the sport require, they’ve created the ideal value for money option.

A low-priced, IBJJF approved Gi that is comfortable and lightweight. The Fuji BJJ uniform ticks all the boxes for a no-frills option that includes both jacket and pants, although no additional belt. What’s important here are the basic qualities that are nailed from the get got. A durable 100% cotton material will wash easily and last a healthy amount of time as long as good care is taken.

Checking the size chart here is a must, as from our experience, we found that these Gi’s ran a little on the larger size (I’m an A4), but after a warm wash, they shrunk down to size. I would have preferred a pre-shrunk option here to take the guesswork out.

Venum Elite Light 2.0 – Best For Long-Term

Venum Elite Light 2.0 BJJ GI
  • Jacket 350 gsm Pearl Wave
  • Pants 250 gsm ripstop with reinforced stitching
  • Optimal moisture management

Reasons To Buy ✅

  • World-renowned brand
  • 100% Cotton
  • Pearl Weave
  • Incredible design
  • Lightweight backpack included

Reasons To Avoid ❌

  • Belt not included

This Venum Elite model is designed and catered for those who want to look and feel great during training. Without a doubt, compared to all of the tried and tested BJJ Gi’s in this review, hands-down, the Venum Elite Light 2.0 is the best-looking.

A 350GSM pearl weave stitching alongside the 100% cotton material means a relatively lightweight design and all-around comfort while training. You won’t feel a cardboard-like, rough texture when wearing this Gi.

Reinforced stitching around the core wear and tear zones such as the pants knee areas, crotch area, arms, and lapels mean Venum has purpose-built this Gi to withstand a lot of training and competition wear and keep going.

The premium qualities of this Gi blow the other beginner Gi’s out of the water, without a doubt. However, when considering a beginner’s price range, this is almost double the cost, and we must consider this. Venum is the option you choose if you are happy to buy once and not cheap.

Buyers Guide To The Best BJJ Gi For Beginners

Best BJJ Gi For Beginners


Let’s be honest; if you’re starting BJJ for the first time, there’s no guarantee you’ll see it through to the end like any new hobby or sport. This is why it’s important to start with gear that won’t break the bank while you figure out if this is what you love to do. As the saying goes, “all the gear and no idea!

You’ll also want to look at what you get with your purchase of your Gi. Does it come with your first white belt, or perhaps a carrying bag? Will your new Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym provide you with your first white belt? These are questions you should look to answer and calculate the overall cost of your new Gi.

What does make sense is if you’ve trained in combat sports for some time, or even No-Gi grappling, and you know you’ll stick with BJJ. It’s an accepted transition that most athletes take – and if your opponents are, you should also have these skills. You may be a beginner, but knowing you’ll continue to train BJJ means you should consider spending more the first time around.


Sizing for BJJ Gis isn’t as straight forward as a Small, Medium, or Large. Gis are categorized as:

  • A = Adult male
  • F = Adult female
  • M = 5-14-year-old male or female
SizeHeight RangesWeight Range
A05ft 4” – 5ft 7”60 – 65kg (132 – 143lbs)
A15ft 7” – 5ft 9”65 – 72kg (143 – 158lbs)
A1L5ft 11” – 6ft65 – 72kg (143 – 158lbs)
A25ft 8” – 6ft72 – 82kg (158 – 180lbs)
A2L5ft 11” – 6ft 2”72 – 82kg (158 – 180lbs)
A36ft 1” – 6ft 382 – 95kg (180 – 209lbs)
A3L6ft 3” – 6ft 4”82 – 95kg (180 – 209lbs)
A46ft 1” – 6ft 4”95 – 120kg (209 – 264lbs)

Typically adult sizes range from 0-4, with “L” for long sizes which affect the jacket and pants.

There is an advantage here to online shopping such as Amazon where you can order multiple sizes and easily return those that don’t fit.


The material Gi’s are made from is typically much thicker than your standard clothing. This is to endure the aggressive wear and tear caused by pulling and rolling around in the Gi. Over the years, the technology for this type of outfit has improved and can fall into helpful categories to ease your decision-making.

The majority of Gi’s will be cotton, although, in recent years, bamboo and hemp have made a splash. The qualities of a cotton Gi are that it is breathable, comfortable, and stronger when wet. This is needed in the sport of BJJ. What’s also important is the type of weave, how a Gi has been stitched together. This can range from single, double, gold, and more commonly used, pearl weave. Pearl weave is the most popular today; they provide a lightweight Gi.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best Gi for BJJ?

The best BJJ Gi for BJJ depends on your budget and experience. For beginners, the best BJJ Gi is the Tatami Nova Absolute due to its affordability, simplistic design, and IBJJF compatibility.

What color BJJ Gi should I get?

The traditional BJJ Gi is white, however, as a beginner, you can choose from white, royal blue, or black if you’re also considering entering an official BJJ competition.

There are certain rules that won’t allow you to compete if you wear other colors. If you’re not hoping to compete against other beginner opponents, the color of your Gi won’t matter.

Is Gi or No Gi harder?

There are several considerations to account for before answering whether Gi or No-Gi is harder. No-Gi is more fast-paced due to the lack of holds on the clothing, where opponents may stall. On the flip side, the grip strength and endurance required to hold your opponent takes a considerable amount of time to build and will play as a huge advantage.

Do I need a Gi to start BJJ?

You don’t need a Gi to start your first day in BJJ. Calling ahead or just turning up is fine, most training facilities will have a spare Gi jacket and belt to borrow.

However, you will need to purchase a Gi by your next class in order to learn and continue training.

Should I wash my Gi after every use?

In order to avoid shrinking the gi when washing, make sure you hand wash the uniform with cold water and let it air dry. If it takes more than twenty-four hours to dry the uniform, purchase two gis, so you don’t have to show up to the mat with wet clothes.

BJJ gis shrink because they are made of cotton, which gets affected by hot water. Most modern washing machines use hot water, and even the ones that use lukewarm water have heat-producing dryers that evaporate the moisture. As a result, your gi will shrink if given a regular wash-and-dry treatment.