Why Do MMA Fighters Take Ice Baths

Why Do MMA Fighters Take Ice Baths? 🧊 (5 Tips For Recovery)

As you can imagine, a Mixed-Martial Art (MMA) fighter’s body is going to feel pretty bad after a big fight or even after a day of hard training. So, having a beneficial recovery regime is essential for them, which is why many have taken up things like ice baths to help relieve many of their injuries. 

MMA fighters take ice baths because it restricts blood flow to muscles, helping with the recovery. Also known as cold-water immersion (CWI), ice baths have long been used as a form of recovery, and science has found they decrease swelling, muscle damage, and muscle soreness for those that take them. 

Let’s dive into the science of ice baths to find out if they are the right option for you!

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Is Muay Thai Bad For Your Shins_

Is Muay Thai Bad For Your Shins? 🦵🥊

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is a sport in which standup striking with various clinching techniques is used. In this type of boxing, the most used body parts for fighting are fists, elbows, knees, and shins. 

Muay Thai can be bad for your shins if improperly practiced, as shins can get struck often. This can cause fractures and injuries, which is why you should adopt the martial art with care, join a Muay Thai gym and fight within your weight class.

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Can You Do Bodybuilding And MMA At The Same Time

Can You Do Bodybuilding And MMA At The Same Time? 🏋️🤼

Bodybuilding and MMA (mixed martial arts) are intense sports requiring a great deal of energy and stamina to perform. While bodybuilding promotes and increases strength, which improves your chances against the opponent in a match, increased size is often thought to diminish the effects of speed and MMA results. There are important exercises that can enhance both sports’ effectiveness, so synergistically, they are more than the sum of their parts.

You can do bodybuilding and MMA at the same time. With proper strength training and bodybuilding exercises are practiced, they can enhance and improve the outcome of your MMA performance. The key in balancing both sports depends on the techniques used to gain the maximum effect for each.

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Why Do Boxers Put Their Hands in Rice_

Why Do Boxers Put Their Hands in Rice? 🥊🍚

There is nothing more important to a boxer than their hands. They need to take good care of their hands to get full power when fighting. Their hands are subjected to injuries and trauma regularly, and they are always looking for ways to reduce inflammation and injuries while protecting their hands. 

When boxers strengthen their hands, they can handle the blows they take better. They need to spend time conditioning them as part of their training. A bin full of rice can provide the perfect amount of resistance for boxers to strengthen their knuckles and hands to be in the best shape possible when they have a big fight.

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Is It OK To Hit The Heavy Bag Every Day_

Is It OK To Hit The Heavy Bag Every Day? 🥊🥋

Whether you’re practicing boxing or MMA, the heavy bag will become an essential component to your success. They train footwork, strong hitting, focus, and more; however, many beginners practice too often, leading to various injuries. Since there’s no perfect number, how are you supposed to know how frequently you can hit the bag?

It’s not ok to hit the heavy bag every day since it is designed to train and test your power. Too much can lead to joint and muscle aches. It would help if you hit the heavy bag two to three times per week in one to two-minute intervals, then work your way up to four or five sessions per week. Heavy bags have numerous benefits, so it’s best to add them to your routine, along with speed bags and pad work.

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Is Meditation Good for MMA Training

Is Meditation Good for MMA Training? 🧘🥋

In recent decades, researchers have been studying the effectiveness of the ancient tradition of meditation. As Buddhists have long known, they have found that meditation is useful for understanding and connecting with themselves and the world around them. This activity has become popular in sports and fitness as mindfulness is a crucial component, so is it also suitable for MMA training?

Meditation is good for MMA training. Meditation, a simple but powerful activity, offers various physical, mental, and emotional benefits for MMA training. Those practicing could improve their performance and focus on fighting. It can also serve as a pathway to spiritual enlightenment. 

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Do MMA Fighters Workout Every Day_

Do MMA Fighters Workout Every Day? 🏋️‍♂️

You’ve seen the fights, the knockouts, the blood. You’ve watched these guys fight like animals in the ring, displaying amazing feats of strength and skill. It can be impressive to watch MMA fighters do what they do best, and it may have occurred to ask yourself, do MMA fighters workout every day?

MMA fighters do not work out every day. The reason for this is that muscles grow when you rest, not when you train. If they choose to train every day, one of those days will be very light training, but they will rest most of the time.

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Do Big Muscles Help in a Fight

Do Big Muscles Help In A Fight? 💪 (MMA)

It’s easy to be misled by big muscles when it comes to fighting. A common misconception, often propagated by movies, is that someone with a strong physique is tough. Maybe you’ve questioned this, and you’re asking yourself, do big muscles help in a fight?

Big muscles do help in a fight. That’s actually why there are weight divisions in professional fighting. However, many things also help in a fight, such as technique, speed, defense, and confidence. A good fighter has a balance of these well-developed attributes.

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Are Smith Machines Good for MMA_

Are Smith Machines Good for MMA? 🤼

Smith machines are often the subject of debate on fitness forums. From the benefits of the equipment to its impact on the users’ integrity, each point leads to a nuanced argument that does not end well for those who oppose this brilliant invention.

Smith machines are great for MMA fighters as they allow the fighter to work on core strength and stability necessary for learning martial arts. The machine lets the fighters work on their glutes, quads, chest, and arms without worrying about their form’s safety. 

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Man drinking water with the best sauna suit for MMA

Best Sauna Suit For MMA 2021 🧖 (How To Safely Cut Weight)

The primary reason MMA fighters and athletes use sauna suits is for weight loss before a professional bout. MMA fighters weigh in at their contractually obliged weight class roughly 24 hours before their fight and swiftly rehydrate to their natural body weight after they get off the scales. This has always been the tradition, and while there’s a huge focus behind the dangers and risks around weight cutting in MMA, there are safer ways to do it. We look at the best sauna suit for MMA and some great alternatives to consider.

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