Do Big Muscles Help In A Fight? 💪 (MMA)

Do Big Muscles Help in a Fight

It’s easy to be misled by big muscles when it comes to fighting. A common misconception, often propagated by movies, is that someone with a strong physique is tough. Maybe you’ve questioned this, and you’re asking yourself, do big muscles help in a fight?

Big muscles do help in a fight. That’s actually why there are weight divisions in professional fighting. However, many things also help in a fight, such as technique, speed, defense, and confidence. A good fighter has a balance of these well-developed attributes.

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Are Smith Machines Good for MMA? 🤼

Are Smith Machines Good for MMA_

Smith machines are often the subject of debate on fitness forums. From the benefits of the equipment to its impact on the users’ integrity, each point leads to a nuanced argument that does not end well for those who oppose this brilliant invention.

Smith machines are great for MMA fighters as they allow the fighter to work on core strength and stability necessary for learning martial arts. The machine lets the fighters work on their glutes, quads, chest, and arms without worrying about their form’s safety. 

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Best Sauna Suit For MMA 2021 🧖 (How To Safely Cut Weight)

Man drinking water with the best sauna suit for MMA

The primary reason MMA fighters and athletes use sauna suits is for weight loss before a professional bout. MMA fighters weigh in at their contractually obliged weight class roughly 24 hours before their fight and swiftly rehydrate to their natural body weight after they get off the scales. This has always been the tradition, and while there’s a huge focus behind the dangers and risks around weight cutting in MMA, there are safer ways to do it. We look at the best sauna suit for MMA and some great alternatives to consider.

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6 Best Protein Powders for Muay Thai 🥊 (How To Pick The Best)

Two men fighting in muay thai style

For many Muay Thai fighters, protein powder helps tremendously for building, maintaining, and recovering muscle. Even if you eat right, protein powders are able to provide that extra boost that really gives an advantage for intense workouts, but where do you even begin when choosing one with so many on the market?

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Is Creatine Good for Wrestlers? 🤼(Plus 3 Great Alternatives To Consider)

Is Creatine Good for Wrestlers

In order to keep up and be in the best shape they can be, wrestlers train hard. There are different supplements that can be taken by highly active people, such as protein powders, but you may have heard of using creatine. What is it, exactly, is creatine good for wrestlers, and should wrestlers be taking it?

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6 Best Protein Powders for Wrestlers 🤼🍼 (Buyers Guide On How To Choose)

Wrestlers throwing each other after the best protein for wrestlers

For many wrestlers, protein powders provide the extra boost they need to gain and maintain muscle mass and recover after workouts. A high-protein diet is a good start, but being able to drink a protein beverage is a lot more convenient than cooking up a meal. But what are the best protein powders for wrestlers you can buy today?

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Is Powerlifting Good for MMA? 🏋️(Top 3 Benefits For Combat Athletes)

Is Powerlifting Good for MMA

For a long time, the traditional wisdom seemed to dictate that the fighter with the most strength wins. It is possible for an MMA fighter to wonder whether he or she can get an advantage in the octagon by relying on powerlifting.

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Is Yoga Good for BJJ? 🧘🥋(5 Best Postures To Improve Your Game)

Is Yoga good for BJJ

At the intersection of the new age movement and the fitness craze, yoga has found a unique place where those interested in relaxation and the serious athletes looking to take care of their bodies are equally interested in what is an exercise as much as it is an art form. Many practitioners of Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), for instance, do yoga regularly. However, is yoga good for BJJ?

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