Do MMA Fighters Wear Underwear? 🩲🥊 (3 Best Types Of Protective Gear)

Do MMA fighters wear underwear

If you have watched combat sports of any kind, you will notice that the athletes are quite exposed. Often, you can see them wearing nothing but shorts but do you find yourself asking – do MMA fighters wear underwear?

MMA fighters wear underwear beneath their shorts alongside a jockstrap or a protective cup. The shorts are of compression variety and serve as protection against exposure and errant kicks. Fighting without such protective gear is considered a risk.

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4 Best Jockstraps For Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu In 2021 🥋

best jockstraps for brazilian jiu jitsu

So you’ve taped your hands and made sure your body is limber and warm from your MMA and BJJ stretches, but do you have the one thing that may prevent you from actual man tears today? Every man (and even woman) will know the day they realized they need a cup for MMA or Jiu-Jitsu.

You either saw someone else learn the lesson or, unfortunately, had to go through it first hand. Whilst you may get away in training without a head guard or MMA shoes – although we wouldn’t advise it – you really can’t get away without using the best jockstraps for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Mixed Martial Arts.

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