Best BJJ Gi For Beginners

Best BJJ Gi For Beginners 🏆🥋 2021 Ultimate Guide

You’re starting out in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for the first time and need to know what Gi to wear? What color should you choose, what size, what brand, and what’s the best value? We have you covered. While it can be daunting to decide all of this, we’re here to help. We’ve tried and tested all the top Gi’s on the market to tell you which is the best BJJ Gi for beginners.

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why are mma fighters barefoot

Why Are MMA Fighters Barefoot? 🦶🥋

Boxers wear shoes, wrestlers wear them, and in many martial arts, practitioners also wear them. But MMA fighters go in the ring barefoot. Why is that?

MMA fighters are barefoot because of uniform rules created in 2002 and then adopted in 2009. Any sanctioned event must follow these rules. Although some people would like to see MMA fighters wear martial arts shoes, many MMA fighters prefer to fight barefoot.

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Why Do Bodybuilders Think They Can Fight_

Why Do Bodybuilders Think They Can Fight? 💪🥋

Bodybuilders, due to their huge physiques, often come off as lethal fighters. From their massive arms to their big guns and even protruded chest physique, it’s easy for everyone to think that bodybuilders are great fighters. So why do bodybuilders think they can fight?

Bodybuilders think they can fight mainly due to their huge muscles, which can disproportionately boost their confidence. The knowledge that they lift heavy weights creates a fallacy that they can succeed in the cage or ring. Some bodybuilders think they can take on any smaller opponent, which is wrong!

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Why Do Some MMA Fighters Paint Their Toenails_

Why Do Some MMA Fighters Paint Their Toenails? 🦶💅

When you think of an MMA fighter, you probably think of someone strong. But when you think of painting your toenails, you may think that’s more feminine or soft. Still, some MMA fighters will paint their toenails.

Some MMA fighters paint their toenails because their toenails start to look gross after so much kicking. Painting their toenails allows MMA fighters to cover that up. Some MMA fighters also paint their toenails to prevent cracking and splitting. It can also be a form of expression for some.

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Is Taekwondo Effective In MMA_

Is Taekwondo Effective In MMA? 🦵🥋

MMA fighters step into the octagon, ready to take on opponents with a broad background in various martial arts. Therefore, they too must have expertise in the right artforms to be effective during their fights.

Taekwondo (TKD) is effective in MMA. It provides a foundation for improved flexibility and dexterity for kicking, sometimes from awkward positions. Being an effective kicker allows fighters to gain distance, score knockdowns, and win surprise knockouts. Taekwondo specializes in kicks. Therefore, you should diversify your fighting techniques beyond Taekwondo to include boxing, elbows, shin kicks, and grappling to become a successful MMA fighter.

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Can You Register Yourself As A Lethal Weapon

Can You Register Yourself As A Lethal Weapon? ⚔️📜

Registering yourself as a lethal weapon is often believed to be a requirement for individuals trained in martial arts or professional fighting. While a high level of physical skills and advanced abilities in this field can render a person more likely to injure severe or fatal consequences, this registration process is not a requirement but may be considered for various reasons.

You can register yourself as a lethal weapon, but it is not a necessary step in studying martial arts or professional fighting, and it is not a requirement by law. Although it is a primarily misunderstood practice, there are specific situations where registration may be requested.

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What Weight Do Fighters Actually Fight At

What Weight Do Fighters Actually Fight At? ⚖️ 🤼

When fighters are getting ready for a fight, they have to weigh-in to make sure they fall within their weight classes. Many fighters want to have an advantage by weighing-in at a weight below their natural weight, so they cut their weight before a fight. The weigh-in is usually the day before the fight, and the fighter can rehydrate and get the nourishment his body needs before the actual fight. 

Fighters will often cut weight before the weigh-in so that they can fight in a lower class. This can give fighters an advantage and the ability to overpower their opponents. After the weigh-in, they will rehydrate and renourish their bodies to have the strength and stamina they need for the fight. They gain some weight in this process, and the amount varies from fighter to fighter. 

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Why Do Fighters Use Vaseline to Cut Weight_

Why Do Fighters Use Vaseline To Cut Weight? ⚖️

You may have heard that some people, including fighters, use Vaseline to cut weight. People often wonder how this process works. Vaseline is a petroleum jelly that is made out of oils, waxes, and minerals. This combination of ingredients gives it a higher melting point than body temperature to hold its form on the skin. 

Fighters often use a Vaseline wrap to cut weight right before a fight. This is a way of dropping excess water weight for the weigh-in without losing any precious muscle before the fight. It is a straightforward procedure that can be done in 20 to 60 minutes, and the fighter can rehydrate as necessary. 

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Why Do Boxers Touch Their Nose

Why Do Boxers Touch Their Nose? 👃

One of the first things that boxers learn is to keep their hands at eye level when they fight. As they progress through the rounds, their hands drop to chin level, and they need a reminder to raise them again. This is important because they are ready to throw a punch at the opportune time while defending their faces. 

Boxers touch their noses to remember to keep their hands in the proper position. By touching their nose, they need to raise their hands back up to eye level, and they will keep their hands in the right position. Also, it provides boxers with an opportunity to reset and refocus as they prepare for the next round. 

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Two women fighting with shin guards in a ring

Best Shin Guards for Muay Thai and MMA 2021 🛡️🦵(Know The Difference)

If you’re in the market for shin guards for Muay Thai or MMA then you’re probably already training and sparring in combat sports. Shin protection is the difference between your training regularly with fewer injuries, all while increasing your skill and technique in the sport. Shin guards or shin pads not only protect you but your training partner too – which means more frequent training and happy training partners. We dive deep into the benefits, the drawbacks, what to look for, and our recommendations when hunting down the best shin guards for Muay Thai and MMA.

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