Why Do Some MMA Fighters Paint Their Toenails? 🦶💅

When you think of an MMA fighter, you probably think of someone strong. But when you think of painting your toenails, you may think that’s more feminine or soft. Still, some MMA fighters will paint their toenails.

Some MMA fighters paint their toenails because their toenails start to look gross after so much kicking. Painting their toenails allows MMA fighters to cover that up. Some MMA fighters also paint their toenails to prevent cracking and splitting. It can also be a form of expression for some.

Whether you’re a fan of mixed martial arts or want to try it yourself, you may wonder why fighters do certain things. Fighting and painting toenails don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Read on to learn more about why MMA fighters paint their toenails.

Chipping, Cracking, and Splitting

Some MMA fighters paint their toenails to keep the nails from chipping, cracking, or splitting. MMA fighters use their feet a lot to kick or do foot stomps, so their feet and toes can take a beating.

If a fighter has brittle nails because of using a lot of polish or due to a medical condition, that can also cause nails to split. Conditions such as hypothyroidism and anemia can cause brittle nails, so a fighter with these conditions may need some extra protection.

An MMA fighter needs to consider the risks of making their toenails brittle by using polish too much.

Still, using a nail polish that can strengthen the nail can help. When an MMA fighter goes into a match, they can kick as much as they need to without worrying about their toenails.

Cover Up the Appearance

Even if an MMA fighter doesn’t use nail polish for a fight, they might apply it after. When you kick that much, your feet may start to look gross and not right. While you can’t cover your feet without shoes, you can use polish to cover your toenails.

If an MMA fighter wants to cover up the look of their toenails, painting them can be a good option. The fighter can choose from tons of nail polish colors, so they can choose a color that looks good or that they like.

Now, some fighters may not care about the looks. But if someone wants to go to the beach or spend time barefoot, they may want to hide the look of their toes. Nail polish is an easy option for hiding the damage that fighting can do.

Nail Care

Another reason why an MMA fighter may paint their toenails is as part of an overall care routine. Whether you go to a salon or paint your nails at home, you usually do more than paint. You or the salon associate may also buff and clip the nails.

At a salon, they’ll often massage your feet and legs, which can also help an MMA fighter. If your feet hurt after a fight, you may want a way to relax with a nice foot bath or a salon appointment.

While you don’t have to paint your toenails as part of a pedicure, it’s common. You can make sure your toenails are short and aren’t ingrown, and you can choose a nice polish to help your toenails after the appointment.

A Form of Expression

Painting your toenails can be a simple way to express yourself, and it’s easy to hide with shoes or socks. An MMA fighter could paint their toenails and show them off when they want to while still hiding them.

Anyone can use nail polish to express themselves. Whether you want to wear your favorite color polish or go for a neutral shade, you can wear nail polish.

Just like other people, some MMA fighters may want to use nail polish to get creative. The reason could be the main one behind painting their toenails, or it might be secondary to protecting their nails.

Even if they don’t choose a nail polish color to express themselves, fighters may simply want to wear nail polish. When the fighter is off work, they can do whatever they want.

To Help Promote a Sponsor

Some MMA fighters have sponsorships from companies. Depending on the agreement’s terms, the fighter may choose to paint their nails to promote the sponsor. If the sponsor’s company color is blue, the fighter may choose blue nail polish.

It’s a subtle way to promote a sponsor, and a fighter doesn’t have to do this if it isn’t in their contract. But maybe a fighter has worn nail polish for other reasons, and they’ve received specific questions.

In that case, a sponsor may want to take advantage of those questions. So when a fighter talks about their toenails, they can casually mention they chose the color because of sponsorship. Then, it can be a win-win for everyone.

When Do MMA Fighters Paint Their Toenails?

Another question you may have is when MMA fighters will paint their toenails. Like with the reasons why it can depend on the fighter. If someone wants to cover up their nails after a fight, they may book a nail appointment the day after a match.

But if someone wants the nail polish to prevent cracking, it could be part of their pre-match routine. And for fighters that like to wear nail polish for other reasons may paint their toenails when the old polish starts to wear off.

In some cases, the fighter may paint their nails at home. This is a good option for saving money or if the goal is to cover up the nail.

If a fighter wants more of a massage, too, they can choose to visit the salon. The salon can cut and buff out the nail before painting, and they can use lotion and other products to massage and soothe the feet.

Do They Always Wear Nail Polish?

While it’s unclear if fighters always wear nail polish, they shouldn’t. Wearing nail polish for too long can make the nail brittle, which could be the opposite of what some fighters want.

Ideally, anyone wearing nail polish would go for a few weeks between wears. That way, the toenail can breathe. When you wear nail polish, it can soak into your nail layers, making it dry out.

Then, the nail could break more easily. MMA fighters should give their nails a break between fights. Their nails can breathe and retain their strength, and the MMA fighter can use polish for their next match.

Does the Polish Color Matter?

You may see some MMA fighters wearing any polish color from black to clear and anything in between. The best color to wear is up to the fighter and their individual goals.

Clear polish can be a subtle choice, and it’s good for strengthening the nail or preventing cracks. On the other hand, a dark color, like black, can cover up any damage that does occur to the toenails during or outside of a match.

Another option for MMA fighters is to choose their favorite color. Or they can wear a color that matches their fighting gear or represents a sponsor. The options are endless, especially when visiting a nail salon.

Final Thoughts

Some MMA fighters paint their toenails to protect the nail from cracks, while others do it to cover up the kicking damage. Other fighters may use polish to promote a sponsor or simply express themselves. Consider these reasons next time you see a fighter wearing nail polish.