Stretching to Improve Flexibility for MMA and Jiu-Jitsu 🧘🥋

flexibility for mma and jiu-jitsu

Some may say that fitness is a form of self-care, but I’d like to keep things simple and instead call it a discipline. To quote Jocko Willink, “Discipline equals freedom,” and I couldn’t agree more. Flexibility for MMA and Jiu-Jitsu cannot be ignored if you want to progress.

It is also one of the most challenging goals to achieve for many people. Hitting the gym takes a lot of motivation. Often, this motivation deteriorates when we receive validation from our peers or whenever we hit our arbitrary powerlifting goals. You may bump up the motivation temporarily by purchasing a new pair of MMA shoes, or a nice shiny new mouth guard, or a gym bag, but this won’t last.

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