The Ultimate Pescatarian Diet For MMA 2021 🐟🥊(Get Strong, Stay Strong)

The Pescatarian Diet For MMA

There are so many different diets out there, from the classic Atkins to Ketogenic, Vegetarian, Vegan, and even the Raw Food diet. Well here’s another to the list: Pescatarian (pronounced: pes-kah-tear-ian). There’s nothing fancy about this, it’s simply a vegetarian diet that allows for fish and other aquatic animals. MMA fighters and UFC fighters as well as those who train in combat sports know all too well about the importance of a complete diet with nutrients and proteins to stay healthy, vitalized, and strong – we break down how you can be a lean, mean, fish grilling machine with the pescatarian diet for MMA.

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Should I Do Pull-Ups Every Day? (7 Reasons Why)💪

Pull ups on the bar

Doing pull-ups every day because we’ve seen it in a Rocky 6 montage might look great but is it good to do? Some variation of a pull-up should be in your workout routine, but to do it every day goes against a lot of the science. The old saying “less is more” is highly relevant in answering this question. In short, you probably shouldn’t be doing pull-ups every day if your goal is strength, muscle growth, endurance, or to do more pull-ups!

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Ultimate Calories in a McDonalds Sausage with Egg McMuffin 2021


The legendary McDonalds Sausage McMuffin with Egg is a breakfast meal we all know and love. Although it’s high in saturated fat, and carbs – it’s not the worst meal on the menu. So how many calories in a McDonalds Sausage with Egg McMuffin? The answer is, it really depends where in the world you are!

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