Best Functional Kettlebell Exercises For Fat Loss At Home 2021 (+Workout Plan)🛋️🏡🏃

Let’s face it. Most of us want to lose weight and we all want to be healthy. Getting into the gym can be a hard task though. Not everyone has the time or money to get to the gym on a regular schedule, and that situation can get even worse if you aren’t a gym person already. One of the easiest solutions for weight loss and consistent work on your health are closer than you think.

When discussing weight loss, it always is important to remember that diet is the most important factor for success, and we’re combining that with functional kettlebell exercises for fat loss at home so you can maximize your gains. Watching what you eat doesn’t have to be a huge struggle. There are so many apps and programs out there that can assist, not to mention thousands of articles.

The way to lose the most weight is to make sure you are eating everything in proper moderation. Calorie tracking can also help figure out what’s right for you because everyone is different. We recommend posts from our site as they work well with the content in this article. Here is a couple we’ve had good feedback with:

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Strong stance before lifting a kettlebell

Functional Kettlebell Exercises For Fat Loss At Home

Kettlebells can be one of the most helpful tools in keeping up your health. They were invented in the late 18th century and have been used as useful alternative weights since. They can be used in the conventional lifting sense but they also have a lot of other useful features that differentiate them. Kettlebells are functionally different than normal weights because they have an ergonomic grip and rounded shape.

Why does this matter though? These features allow this exercise tool to be used in several unique and beneficial ways, not to mention that functional kettlebell exercises for fat loss at home are a super-efficient way to stay fit and healthy without having to pay for gym memberships.

These days you can easily pick up kettlebells for under $50.

Kettlebells often are overlooked when looking at weight loss. They can even be seen as niche and somewhat confusing. However, if you know what you are doing they can be one of the best forms of workout out there! This guide will show you how to use them, and why they are so good for you. Kettlebells can be used in different ways from most weights.

They can be swung, balanced with, lifted, and generally moved much more than any other type of weight or machine. The best kettlebell exercises for weight loss are those that get your whole body involved. Thankfully the way they are designed this often happens in most workouts using them.

One simple workout that anyone can do and at the same time is very good for you, is the kettlebell goblet squat. This is probably exactly what you are expecting. Spread your legs around shoulder length apart, keeping the weight on your heels and spread out of the rest of the foot. This makes sure your stance is safe. Grab the kettlebell and lift it with both hands (not from the handle itself but the main body), lift this while you squat down.

The kettlebell snatch is also a solid exercise to work the full body. Starting from the ground the legs drive the initial motions of the snatch. The power is then generated from the upper body and arm to continue momentum before you catch the kettlebell at a 12 o’clock position at the end of the snatch.

Then perform a kettlebell standing Russian twist by rotating your body close to 90 degrees to the left first then the right by twisting your torso. This workout is one of the best to do because it covers many aspects of muscle health. It will flex muscles that often don’t get the chance to be used. This tests your muscular endurance and your cardiovascular endurance at the same time. It functions as a stretch, lift, and squat all in one, so how could it not be great for you.

Another workout that burns fat like kindling and also helps to stimulate muscle growth when combined with other forms of muscular strength workouts, is the kettlebell clean and press. This workout takes inspiration from deadlifting, in that the form used is nearly identical. Deadlifting is the safest way to lift anything heavy. It begins with the squat position, then lifting the kettlebell by its handle.

This grip will help promote safe lifting and movement for the next more complex stage. As you lift it with one hand, rotate it to press against your upper arm. Once it is lightly and safely resting there. Press it carefully above your head. This is done by extending your arm upwards like you are going to give a high five. This workout burns fat, and also in prolonged sets of reps can have the same or even better muscle gain than conventional weights depending on your time under tension.

The last workout for beginners that we will suggest is a kettlebell lunge and press. This workout begins with having the kettlebell in one hand. As you go into the lunge (careful to avoid your knee passing your foot), press the kettlebell upwards like you would press a dumbbell. From then the next lunge will have you lift it above your head carefully. This follows a similar holding pattern to the kettlebell deadlift. This can work out your shoulders, legs, glutes, core, and back.

This workout can be kind of difficult for someone who doesn’t do any lunges. The people can often feel pain in the kneecaps. This is just muscle strain, and it is best to avoid continuing to do lunges once you start to feel that. It’s always better to workout smarter than harder, so stay safe and live to lift another day. This workout burns fat and builds muscle depending on your fitness level.

Minimize your rest times and you’ll be working your cardiovascular system too.

You may not be able to do many at first but the more you work on it the better

Finding the best kettlebells can be easy too. Many searches can pull up good quality equipment in your price range. This page even has some recommendations for the best cheap kettlebells. Kettlebells can also be very space-efficient. As many of the workouts that we described above only need a small amount of space, so they are great for cramped apartment goers who’d like to avoid the gym.

Overall there are so many different forms of workout that all can help you burn that fat and avoid the gym space, and we think kettlebells can introduce a ton of variety to an otherwise boring regimen. While we believe these are the best kettlebell exercises for weight loss, there are a huge number of potential combinations of workouts that you can make for yourself, the possibilities are endless.

Depending on your level of fitness, try starting within the 8kg kettlebell to 16kg kettlebell range. It might seem light at first but as you complete and build up your circuit training routines with these kettlebells, you’ll find your lactate threshold very quickly.

Bonus Video: Check out the video below if you fancy trying a more challenging workout. Remember to rack your weights 😉👇👇