Meet The Team

Evander Armstrong

EvanderArmstrongAvatar e1597601262569
  • Fitness freak, loves to pick heavy things up.
  • Favorite flavor ice-cream: Cookie Dough
  • Guilty pleasure: Shopping mall pretzels and Keeping up with the Kardashians

Laura Oswald

LauraOswaldAvatar e1597601287724
  • Childhood idol is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, “I grew up smelling what The Rock was cooking :P”
  • Favorite flavor ice-cream: Pistachio gelato mixed with lemon sorbet
  • Guilty pleasure: Watching South Park re-runs and eating tortilla chips

Bavinder Patel

BavinderPatelAvatar e1597601277537
  • Spends spare time reading PubMed articles
  • Favorite flavor ice-cream: Lacto-free vanilla
  • Guilty pleasure: Anime and K-Pop and UFC – sometimes all at once